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Busy with business. Lots of stuff going down. We’re hustling, you bet, and hope to knock out a mountain of the stuff in the next 4-5 days, and then, we are hitting the goddamn road, weather permitting.

- - - -

This one is for dad: Some automobilia for you to check out.

Dad’s favorites: “I got a couple of those!” and a confident, “Yep, got some of those, too…” (The old man’s most best quote is, “Hey, I just want one of everything…”)

Our favorites: These and this.

Gary’s favorite: These.

Dad added this, leaning in to toward my monitor, getting in good and close to check out a couple more items: “Oh my god, yer breath!”

- - - -

And hell, while we’re at it, here’s some petroliana. This one is for “Petoskey” Dan Goldsmith.

I am fascinated with the whole naming thing going on with antiques. For instance, I learned the word “Breweriana” over at Coudal’s place. “Automobilia” is a search I do when dad is sitting next to me. And now, “Petroliana.” A new one for us, even though we’ve been looking at old gas station stuff for years. Hmmm.

Yet another new one we’re coming to terms with, you dicks: “Garyana.”

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