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So I wake up yesterday morning, jump up and do one final email check, only to see the clock on my laptop blaring: 12:05pm.

I overslept.

My 11:45am flight outta Portland left 20 minutes ago. Fuck.

Now, I went to bed at a somewhat decent time, and, who the hell misses a flight at noon? Pathetic. I called Northwest Airlines and quickly scheduled another flight back, but not until early Tuesday morning. Things were wayyyy booked up with the spring break rush. Which was just fine as, I was neck deep in projects, taxes and big dreams of adventures, and used the extra time to catch up, organize and slay some sorely neglected objectives.

But then, as I’m settling into my work day, I look at the clock on my main computer and it reads: 9:30am.

My laptop was still on Midwest time! Fuck. My flight wasn’t leaving for another couple hours! I called Northwest back and pleaded with them, to no avail. My seat was already sold and that was that. Sadness.

Complete dumbass. Worked all day Sunday, then all day today. No rest for the wicked. Or dumb.

- - - -

Isaac back in Minneapolis sent this one in, and we got a kick out of it: Don’t give up.

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ddc, i can belive that
shit happen ,CAPITA

Posted by: martino ... on 03/30/07 at 12:28 AM
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