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Another good week on the clock with the Union Binding Company. Lots of progress made.

A big, hearty “hello” goes out to Rhonnie and Pierre over in Colico, you wild Italian Stallions!

- - - -

It’s time to fly back to that Midwest. Big S is at the airport in Indianapolis. I hope he’s still there, in one piece. Hopefully. Upon arrival, I might take a spin downtown Indy, scope out some monuments, scratch my head and wonder, “What in the fuck is going on here?” Then I’ll come up with an answer, and then, before I forget it, I’ll be sure to write it down in a little Field Notes brand memo book.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif That’s right. Field Notes. Get used to the sound of that. Funny how these things keep coming up on here. Heck yes.

When ever you see this little icon, “LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif,” well, it has something to do with our soon-to-be-launched Field Notes project. No more, no less.

- - - -

Not that anymore cares of anything, but, we updated our Merch “Proud Customer” Gallery a couple nights back, so, get all fired up by the scrubs who rep our stuff and then buy something. Wide array of items. You need these. Really. Do it. All profits fund tanks of gas, lost somewhere in the flat-ass Midwest.

- - - -

Son Volt is coming to town next week, and once again, my heart tugs cuz, no matter how lackluster or predictable they are on stage, I just can’t pass them up. Still feel bad about the last time Farrar was in town. Passed it up and suffered for days. I won’t be here, but Fred will, so, get all pickled up and go hum along to those amazing songs, you porch-ass motherfucker.

- - - -

From Jared, down on the Longest of Beaches: A great use of Futura Bold. Can’t get enough of the Futura.

- - - -

The doc is in: Danny Zapalac. My favorite croatian beach bum down south. Way to go, doc.

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Notes on seeing the volt this wed. in Portland.

Ill be wet again walking downtown, ipod on, alone, because unless you are a faithful fararr/volt fan/sufferer/stalker—unless u know all the songs and and have hummed them up and down the streets of your life; unles you followed the progression of jay from singer to upper register crooner to experimental voice artist; you cant come with me. Usually I go with drap and we sit and stand there bored—nobody knows how to make a concert more boring than Jay. Nobody rushes through his set like Jay. Nobody has ever said less when talking to the crowd. But that is the reason I love him. He is the anti-social fuck-up with a genius crooning vocal ability afraid of his own shadow. Jay could or would never front the stones or wilco or replacements now—maybe UT was that back then. But jay is just a man with his songs trying to strech and grow, trying to find his place in his world of stardom and song. i will be there helping him once again—quiet as a motherfucka cause jays sets can be like funerals—everyone afraid to talk—I remember one show, one brave? motherfucka kid yelled to Jay to play Beastie Boys—I cracked up—no one else did. But ill be there all asspocketed up on whiskey and a few cigs just to feel a little sicker and dirtier. I need that horn-laced upper register singsong…and if you are in ptown and are female and want a whiskey before, maybe after….well then…sorry, got off track—its about jay, really, Jay…
oh yeah—fuck peace!

Posted by: Fred Green on 03/26/07 at 10:27 AM

Gettheglass is slowbutfun. http://www.thestash.com is pretty dope too. Instrument-built, TylerStout-drawn, PeetKegler-inspired.

PS: Consider a “Field Notes” spiral edition? I like the vertical page-flip-thing. Makes me feel like a cop giving tickets.

PPS: Grilled a ton of animal products last night, you need to join in soon.

Posted by: Vince on 03/26/07 at 3:04 PM

Fred’s a bit wordy, but definitely porch. You guys still planning a fiasco up north? May need to bulk order some of those notes of the field variety to circulate among the blue hairs in a month or two. Imagine those being used to calculate who is “down and in” for “light lunch” among the “pre-paids”.

Posted by: tyler on 03/27/07 at 11:57 AM
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