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First off, a quick note to all who read these words. Been tracking our daily numbers for some time now, and man, the results are staggering. We want to express a quiet nod of hearfelt gratitude to everyone who comes here to read our posts. Much appreciation is felt.

- - - -

The image above was found on the floor of a just-about abandoned building in downtown Uno. Sometimes the best stuff is found underfoot. Not much else to be said.

- - - -

Our first issue of Dwell showed up. We’ve got some ideas.

- - - -

Missing Gary real bad. The Fedex lady dropped off a package today, and, honestly, the silence was unsettling. You’ll have many chances to go apeshit this summer, little fella. We promise.

- - - -

No idea what these things do, but man, we sure do like ‘em: Dave’s Slide Rule Gallery.

- - - -

Listened to Bug tonight all the way through, after the Union fellas split. It took me back to 1989, all freaked out by high school and all that. I bought the tape at Meijer’s, after a long shift making pizzas. Many thanks to Ben Oswald for turning me on to the band that would define the early ’90s for me.

She’s my Post to Lean on, And I just cut her down.
So I’m out to land on somethin’, Hopefully a girl will come to me at the ground.

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Dwell: Not for those with children.

Posted by: T. Kamir on 03/21/07 at 3:27 PM
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