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Got up at the goddamn crack of dawn and snuck the hell out of P.J.’s fortress of awesomeness, without so much as a sound. Silent and cold.

Crossed the river out of Louisville into Indiana. Drove for a ways and pulled off and set up shop at a Motel 8. Got a mountain of stuff done.

Nothing else to report.

I hop a plane back to Portland tomorrow to work. The fun has to stop at some point.

- - - -

Speaking of Hoss, and my weekend with that sonofabitch, get a download of some of his photographic mastery here:

Crazy Lettering, Router Type and Utility Lettering.

Here, fuckers, waste the rest of yer day here: Amazing Type. My gawd. So good.

There is One Comment

It was real good to have you here for a couple days, lots of adventures and tough talk. “Crack of dawn,” I love it. I got a call from Fantasy last night, she said that for $161.39 you’d get her (and her cell phone) for 50 minutes, and that includes a bottle of Asti Spumanti for her and an ass-pocket of Kentucky Gentleman for you.

ps- that last link doesn’t work. And the router type link isn’t that great, I’ve got some better router stuff that isn’t yet posted to Flickr.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 03/19/07 at 9:19 AM
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