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Some awesomeness last night: At supper, sitting next to my friend Renee and I, was the one and only Franco Harris. I called it. Leaning across the table I excitedly whispered, “I think that’s Franco Harris!” The waiter confirmed it. People started coming up to him to get his autograph. The guy didn’t miss a beat in the conversation he was holding with his friend at their table. He’d nod, sign the autograph and smile, all mid-sentence. Lots of people were coming up. Fascinating, considering, Franco Harris was ‘big’ in the ’70s. Mid ’70s.

I mean, shit, this is the guy behind the “Immaculate Reception!” One of greatest moment in sports history.

He played with Mean Joe Green and Rocky Blier. Back when football players weren’t bionic and multi-grillionaires. Back when they were humans who could inspire a whole nation. Those powerhouse Steelers of those mid-’70s.

Been a long time and the guy still looks big and strong and young and aweome. Bravo.

He walked by our table, we locked eyes, and I reached a hand out to get a handshake, “I didn’t want to bug you while you were dining, but, I remember you from when I was five years old!”

- - - -

Left Cincinnati at noon. Got down to Louisville in record time. Not really.

Found Hoss’ place in no time. Big ol’ grand mansion on 3rd street. Hellish climb to his roost loft. On the way up, the bricks gave off a red dust on coat elbows. Big apartment. Nice ceilings. Lots of nooks and room and interesting windows. Good deal.

We took off around Louisville, did a little junkin’, had some killer blackbean burgers at a local cafe, checked out all sorts of different neighborhoods, fell in love in Shively, cruised the gut, scooted over to New Albany, Indiana for a quick sandwich at the little downtown diner, cruised back and called it a night.

165. “Jim & Joe’s Derby House.”
166. “Thorobred Lounge.”
167. “Beautiful bricks.”
168. “Kentucky Derby.”
169. “Muth’s Candies.”
170. “Hub.”
171. “Corner Diner, Anywhere, America.”
172. “Grilled Ham & Cheese.”
173. “Diner nameplate.”
174. “Kid in a trunk, with butterfly knife.”

Louisville. Fell asleep thinking about Will Oldham and Amy Appelhof and Slint and Embry Rucker and the beards in My Morning Jacket and King Kong and and Bardstown road and Crain and, yeah, that kid with in the trunk.

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Now I’m thinking about the kid in the trunk with the butterfly knife. I had to come back to look at him again. I just have so many questions.

Posted by: michelle on 03/20/07 at 7:42 PM
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