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We got up, loaded out of the room and shot over to the Storm Mountain offices for a final day of meetings.

Getting to know the new team over the course of a quick, intense couple of days has been crucial to our upcoming summer months. Very positive. The mag has never been in better hands, collectively.

Many thanks to the Storm Mountain marauders for welcoming us, making us so comfortable, feeding us full, getting us hammered, putting up with us, and, guiding us into this next phase of the magazine we are so very proud of. Much appreciation.

- - - -

The flight back was mellow. I had a seat open next to me, which was amazing. A man of size needs all extra room possible in the air. Phew.

Once on the ground, I tracked down Detroit’s own Petzold for some late-night accomodations. I met her and her friend Will at a divey “exotic dancing establishment” for a cold one, took in a couple good sniffs of sanitizer and some frisky eye candy. Hmmm.

Got back to the Petzold palatial spread, she set up the spare room for me, caught up on some e-mail and sacked out right quick. Many thanks to Petzold for accomodations, new perspectives and a whole Woodward Avenue’s worth of Detroit “positivity.”

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Knee deep in Merrell, but have the time to devote to the hatred of sitting closely to others as a man of girth.
Booths. Airplanes. Etc… Anyone but my wife gets an elbow in the side on either side. If you’re my wife sitting next to me in a booth or on a plane, you’ll be warm and safe inside my giant arm space.
Safe Travails. Amazing inspiring imagery. I want a new t shirt.

Posted by: Vince on 03/15/07 at 5:39 PM

I imagine the working title for this post was something like, “Those fuckers kept me up all night with their incessant giggling and general nonsense.”

I will try to be better behaved when I visit the Pacific Northwest.

Posted by: The Booby Trap on 03/16/07 at 12:07 PM
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