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Drove all over Detroit today, thanks to Petzold. One of the finest tours I’ve been given. We saw everything. A fascinating city. Tragic at times, beautiful at times. Many mysteries.

148. “Breakfast at the Eastern Market.”
149. “An old suitcase label, in a junk store.”
150. “Vernors.”
151. “Detroit, Mich.”

Neighborhoods, completely gone…
152. “Decay.”
153. “Decay.”
154. “Decay.”
155. “Beauty.”
156. “3BP.”

A quick stop at Rosa Parks grave to pay respects…
157. “A moment for Mrs. Parks.”


Rested up some st Petzold’s place, and headed down to Hamtramck for barhlopping, bands and booze.
158. “Bodybuilding.”
159. “Local meat.”
160. “Friendly patrons.”
161. “Livin’ in the D!”
162. “Rockers.”
163. “Polacks.”
164. “Petzold and pals.”

Got back to Petzold’s pad in one piece and konked out hard.

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