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One of our all-time favorites: Portland’s own, Richmond Fontaine.

Been a fan since that show in the summer of ‘95 opening for Mike Watt at LaLuna. They looked so nervous, hammering through “White Line Fever”…

I bought their little six song demo tape, complete with a hand-drawn photo-copied insert. So good. Still got that.

- - - -

Dad and I listened to them a bunch on the way home. A tip for travellers: These guys work very well in the West, especially these states…

01. Northern Nevada: I-80 through the middle of the state, and the northeast corner, coming south on 395.

02. Southern Idaho: Going east on I-84, preferably at night, somewhere around Burley.

03. Eastern/Central Oregon: That quiet run from Ontario on the Oregon/Idaho border, on highway 20 all the way to Bend. High desert, not a soul to be seen for 260 miles.

04. Eastern Montana: There’s a lot of it. Willie helps ya through it.

05. And, finally, when in Reno, in the winter, at night, either leaving the city or heading into it, be sure to listen to The Fitzgerald. Hell, to heighten the effect, punch yerself in the face about 100 miles outside of town, real hard. This way, you got some pain to go along with the hard times in those songs. Damn.

- - - -

They got a new one coming out. It’s called, “Thirteen Cities” and, man, I am real excited for it. Here’s a Calexico-flavored cut from it:

Richmond Fontaine: “Moving Back Home #2” [mp3]

There is One Comment

One of my favorite bands in the history of the world, certainly my favorite band that is currently touring. I can’t thank these guys enough for so many great tunes, and I should thank Ryno too for introducing me to them on a wicked old “Honky-Tonk Highway” mixtape. Every goddamn release they’ve done is outstanding, I can’t wait to get this new one. And I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice in Chicago. If they go back through I might have to drive the 300 miles back there to see ‘em. Unfortunately they don’t have the following in the US that they seem to have in Europe, a real shame. On top of it all they’re super-nice guys, really humble and approachable. Love the RF.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 02/24/07 at 6:45 PM
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