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February 03, 2007
Wurstminster Night
Posted at 06:52 AM


Tonight at 6pm: The Wurstminster Dog Show at the Ace Hotel. Pretty excited to see all the different pieces and wild dog lovers.

Special thanks to Jason Sturgill for thinking this whole thing up, inviting me and making it all come together. A triumph.

- - - -

My piece is based on a Gary logo I worked up, and then cut out of a piece of plywood and stained up to Gary’s hue. I really, really enjoyed making the thing, getting dirty and risking my fingers with my new Dewalt jigsaw. So fun.

I made two pieces; one to sell at the show to some lucky dachshund lover, and, one for the ranch. I made this with my own two hands, and, am very proud of my efforts.

I need a workshop downstairs, through. A nice big work station, with a mean vice to clamp shit down.

Dad had a great basement work station in our old house in Central Lake. He built a little desk for me too, a couple feet away. We’d work on projects down there together. So awesome. I remember this clearly. Thanks, dad. Wish I had a photo of that desk, and of that little workspace.

I remember how scary it was behind the heater unit. It was dark and damp and there was a good chance a large spider or scorpion lived in those shadows, but, I didn’t try my luck with any further investigation.

- - - -

Required viewing: A little doc on Portland’s own Carson Ellis. So good, and weird. Good for her. One of our favorites. (Saw this link on Ohio’s Decemberists Regional League headmaster Chris Glass, of chrisglass.com)

There Are 3 Comments

Thanks for the embarrassing array of swag last night. Your attaché was overflowing and the piece looked great amongst the riff-raff.

Posted by: Benjamin Horton on 02/04/07 at 11:29 AM

Awesome shape. If I lived in portland and/or had a dachshund I would’ve definitely bought that.

Posted by: Ryan U on 02/05/07 at 7:35 AM

Just looked at the wurstminster dog show and LOVE this piece! yes, love it.

Posted by: Kathy N on 02/05/07 at 2:10 PM
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