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February 05, 2007
Monday, And Back At It
Posted at 06:58 AM


Got a whole week to focus on projects, wrapping shit up to hit the road back to the Midwest to be around the parents for some time. Portland’s great and all, but, aw hell, I can do my job from mom and dad’s living room with a little extra effort, and, enjoy dinners and stuff with them.

Michigan, in February. Hmmm. The ride back should be pretty wild. Dad flies in on Thursday. Pretty excited for that.

- - - -

The Wurstminster Dog Show was amazing. There were like 150 pieces/breeds to check out. My favorites were the Shaun Wolfe “Perciful,” Cody’s collage piece and this gem, whereas, the maker’s name escapes me, as I couldn’t squeeze in close enough to read the fine print. The place was fuckin’ packed.

I didn’t bring the little man down, thinking it wouldn’t be cool to have dogs there, but, upon arrival, I saw tons of hounds in attendance. So I rang Lovejoy and had him bring down the G-Unit, to much fanfare. (Thanks, Lovejoy, you are my bestest friend.) Gary did great too, handling all petting and ear rubs with grace and style. People ate him up. Thank you, buddy. Progress.

Here’s my Gary piece, which sold to a pal late in the night. 100 bucks. Such a deal. And of course, we had trinkets to pass out to those who’d hear us out.

Here’s a Flickr photo set from the ever-awesome April Cottini. Well done, lady, well done.

Got to see the Capozzi’s, the Aults, Kurt and his dame, Mark Phillips, Dan “The Source” Sorcinelli, Rod + Katie, April Cottini, those Sturgills, Gocco Black Belt Brad Simon, the Ben Munson Family Unit, Airblaster Paul, Cory Grove and couple other awesome characters.

- - - -

Late last night I watched The Breakfast Club. Been a long, long time. It’s funny how, twenty years later, those kids still feel “older” than me. (I first saw it when I was 11 or something, and, well, they were big time high school kids, so, you know how that goes.)

- - - -

A word we lust learned: Rubicon. Or, “point of no return.” We juggle rubicons, hourly, fuckers.

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Thank you so much for the shirt, the calendar, the sharpie, the stickers and the pencil! I LOVE them! That shirt looks awesome on me! I appreciate it! Thanks!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 02/05/07 at 7:46 AM

We would like to see action similar to the hand held hushing with reference to aeroplanes. We suffer tremendously from all these people who feel they have to fly somewhere (why, really, exept to destroy the planet) ? We paid a tremendous amount of money for a house around Brussels (where we work) so as to avoid polluting with long commuting. Result ? We’re being kept awake every night by aeroplanes, every day, every evening, every weekend is spoilt by the never ending noise of planes. How people can possibly imagine that it is their RIGHT to destroy others health (our children haven’t had one night decent sleep e.g.) and home because they have need of sun, or adventure, is beyond our understanding of conscience.

Posted by: De Wilde Ingrid on 02/05/07 at 10:08 AM

it was great to meet you and gary in person at the dog show. thanks for the fun paper goods. my carpenter bro was impressed by your calendar’s rugged flair. come vist me and Hunter up in Seattle anytime. we’ll grab Brad and kami and take you to the dachshund races at Emerald Downs this summer.

al davis

Posted by: null on 02/05/07 at 11:28 AM

Heard you and G-Unit were makin’ out at the party.
Smooooooth moves…..

Posted by: vtlogcabin on 02/05/07 at 12:16 PM

I find the definitions of “fucker” rather limited, and fail to capture the richness of the current vernacular. It’s also a great pronoun, a little more colorful than “they”.

Posted by: null on 02/05/07 at 12:17 PM
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