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We got our copy of Tres Logos in the Post today. Couldn’t be happier. Lots of celebrating around here. We managed to get eight pieces in. Eight reasons to give thanks to the good vectors around us. Very proud.

- - - -

Reading this and loving it. Makes me want to hit the road and write a book too. Damn.

- - - -

Gigantically Awesome: Will Chatham collects fingernails. Coming up short for a description on this one.

A couple summers back up on the rails in Alaska, there was a character from Montana who raised some eyebrows amongst the worker bees. He was older, in his mid 40s, working as a bartender for the summer. I don’t know how the subject came up, but, he expressed his interest in collecting fingernails, and told us about his personal collection dating back to his teenage years. He even went so far as to detail how he’d accept all coworkers’ offerings. Wow. Kinda weird. Couldn’t look at that cat the same the rest of the summer.

It’s a fascinating world, full of mystery and wonder and awesomeness.

My name is Aaron, and I am a nailbiter. One day at a time.

- - - -

Dogs who sleep on their backs: “Real Good.”

Little Gary, at rest.

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