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From an exotic place, somewhere far away: Syrian Calligraphy. Gorgeous.

My first reaction to anything “Arabic” is that of being a little cautious, or, on some level, ‘conscious’ of how fucked the world is right now, and fucked it is that any other culture than our beloved U.S.A. is to be suspected of being evil or whatever. I wish that sort of thinking wasn’t attached to this stuff.

I’m getting worn down by the propaganda.

When looking at these, aside from all the political riff raff, I found myself really excited, thinking, “Man, these posters are saying something!” Beautiful. I wish they were translated.

We have so much to learn about the world around us.

Special thanks to Justin Braehm, back in Chicago, for the link. So good.

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asked a native speaker for you… he couldn’t recognize any characters, must be pretty abstract. but, it sure is beautiful!

Posted by: e-rock on 02/04/07 at 10:01 PM

Dr. Draplin,

Please say Muslim—Arabic is but a language.

Watch out for propaganda—it’ll getcha.

Get yourself a copy of “Blind into Baghdad” for a fix on that.


Posted by: Seth on 02/04/07 at 11:20 PM

There was a guy at MCAD named Sina, maybe the class ahead of me, and he was a renowned calligrapher in Arabic. I don’t remember what country he was from, but really nice guy. This kind of reminds me of his work, though a bit more modern and avant-garde.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 02/05/07 at 9:30 AM
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