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Here’s some shots from yesterday. Was too tired to upload anything last night.

Fargo, way up north:
071. “Pioneer Mutual.”
072. “Bismarck Bar & Grill.”
073. “Jackpot.”
074. “Lockers.”
075. “No.85”

Downtown, Alexandria, Minnesota:
076. “Foxbilt Feeds.”
077. “Min-Vite.”
078. “A basement full of treasures.”
079. “Superior Feeds.”
080. “A barrel of yardsticks.”
081. “Childcraft spectrum.”

Out n’ About, Minneapolis, Minnesota:
081. “Pissers of the Gods.”
082. “Maybelle and Ryno.”

Had a good day cruising around Minneapolis. A great day. It was beautiful out, completely bluebird and 40 degrees. “Bluebird” is a term I learned in the West, in the elevation, to describe a cloudless day on the mountain.

084. “One of our favorite cityscapes. Period.”
085. “An outlet near seat No.01, Ideal Diner, Central Ave., Northeast.”
086. “Aaron Carlson smokestack.”
087. “Protectoseal.”

We did some junkin’, did a little business with Jim at Rex Mills, had a square lunch at the Ideal Diner, hit a couple architectural salvage rackets and did a quick trinkets handoff to Minneapolis’ finest, Jon Baugh, and his pal Craig, down on the corner of Nicollet and 10th. Gary barked incessantly ruining the whole transaction. Little fucker. Sorry, fellas.

We got on the road around 4pm and shot down to Madison. Nice and dry, the whole. Lots of bad cars passing us, miffed.

088. “Security Monitor Self Portrait, No. 142.”

Found Ella’s Kosher Deli so dad could get that pastrami sandwich he had been craving for a couple days. Ella’s is a deli that’s one part circus, one part deli and one more part circus. Lots of creepy puppets and mechanized planes and shit whirling around.

089. “Ella’s Kosher Deli.”
090. “The clock above our booth.”
091. “Lumi-Dial.”
092. “A table with a bunch of yo-yo’s under glass.”

Our fifth night in a Motel 8. Damn, we should get some sort of corporate card or something. Hell.

093. “One last arrow befroe shut-eye. Highway 151, near Madison.”

We’re 149 miles from big city Chicago. Cool.

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I’m enjoying the updates on your trip. I wish I’d caught you earlier, I knew of a couple hidden finds in Nebraska I think, real strange and out of the way. You would have enjoyed them.

But, I gotta ask, what’s the name of that place in Alexandria, MN? It looks like a good place for junkin’.

Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 02/21/07 at 8:22 AM

not to be a prude or anything, but you look a little rough there ryno. maybe just lack of sunshine. i know i only met ya once . but, just a little concern here. glad the draps are cruisin along the interstate in one piece. see ya’ll in benzie.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 02/21/07 at 11:30 PM

Great trip you two and great posts. I have to know what is the deal with the ‘Aaron Carlson’ smokestack. Why? Because my name is ‘Aaron Carlsson’ one extra ‘s’ but real real close. Drive safely.

Posted by: Aaron Carlsson on 02/22/07 at 8:51 PM
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