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Up and outta Jamestown by 10 am. Dad drove over to Fargo for some junkin’. We did a couple laps downtown and found a couple junkshops and proceeded to go junkin’ for a couple solid hours. Good times, and, good treasures.

Next stop was downtown Alexandria for a couple of antique shops. More treasures, rescued and into the proper hands.

Another 100 miles and we were into Minneapolis. We met up with Ryno, had a supper at Eli’s downtown, then a cold one at Stasiu’s in Northeast. A great place to take a piss.

And that was that. Back to the Midwest and feeling good about it.

Here’s something to think about: It’s the middle of goddamned February and the roads have been completely bone dry all the way back. Not a flake of snow. Smooth sailing. The luck. Wow.

Tomorrow, we’ll hit some old favorites around Minneapolis and then head down to a little city by a lake called, “Chicago.” You may have heard of it.

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