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Been home for a week. Feeling the itch to get back out there and go exploring. Really. Soon.

- - - -

A favorite sign of mine, in my hometown:

107. State Theater, downtown Traverse City.”

I’ve seen some real scorchers here: E.T., Harry and the Hendersons and Ghostbusters II (slept through it…)

Worked all damn day today. And that was it. Up to my neck in Union projects, Grenade projects, and other wild-ass stuff. Making great progress from a corner in my parent’s living room. How about that?

108. “Why we come home.”
109. “Old man winter…”
110. “…and the beef juice stain on his shirt.”

Being home, I’ve been digging into photo albums and boxes of stuff in dark corners. Mom pulled out a couple shots of my Gramma Josie. She passed away in 1996. Her birthday is March 2nd. She would have been a whopping 99 years old on Friday. Wow.

She made it to 88. Think about that for a second: 88 years old. My Gramma Josie. We used to say to her, “In 12 years you’ll be 100!” and she’d plead, “Don’t wish that on me!” Utcha mutcha kutcha. We miss you.

111. “Gramma Josie, holding cousin Derek.”
112. “Gramma Josie.”

- - - -

We miss P.W. Long. (Check out Tweedy in the background yukking it up backstage.)

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