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February 14, 2007
Crap, Lead and Stumps
Posted at 09:57 AM


REQUIRED READING: A great interview with Craphound’s Sean Tejaratchi.

I got a handshake* from Mr. Tejaratchi a decade back, and bought the Death, Phones & Scissors issue down at Reading Frenzy.

Treasures. Zine history. Free Use. All-around greatness.

(*I asked about back issues and he ripped my head off. Something like that. I’ve been a fan ever since.)

- - - -

This’ll put some lead in yer pencil: The Pencil Pages pencil graphics gallery. Yes.

Mallard Pencil Company, Ozark Pencil Company and the amazing Eagle Pencil Company.

- - - -

Down and dirty in our beloved, wet West Coast retreat, Portland, Oregon: Stumptown Confidential.

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