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Cory Grove, yet again, saves our ass.

Here’s how: He was doing some Airmail research and happened upon National Postal Museum. The site is chock-full pure gummed-awesomeness. Hours of it. I wasted a whole night on that site. Really. Those fuckin’ Smithsonian’s. They get me every damn time.

Airmail stamps, airmail envelopes and crash covers to get you thinking.

- - - -

This Arago thing is just….man…too much. Mindblowing. We love the internet.

- - - -

Oh, yeah, send a coconut through the mail. I’ve been known to send 2x4s, hunks of bark, rocks, chunks of dumpster-dive cardboard all drawn on, etc. I like the idea of some mail carrier huffing some cinder block all painted up by me. Ha.

- - - -

Gary gets his own myspace page.

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that is very clever gary

Posted by: derek d on 01/31/07 at 5:58 PM

i’ve been full on into stamp collecting for about a year
here’s a good site with lots of photos: http://www.1847usa.com

Posted by: Ben OSwald on 02/02/07 at 8:53 PM
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