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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 17, 2007
Heat, Heat
Posted at 11:47 PM


From frying pan to fire. Or, from frying pan to toaster oven. Or, from one wild-ass project to the next, with little interim. With Grenade off to the printer, we buttoed up some orbiting projects, clearing the plate for our final mission before some vacation action next week.

Jeff Baker came down today and we dug into our final issue of the year for Snowboard mag. Wow.

- - - -

Gearing up for Vegas next week. Flying down on Saturday afternoon to help my brands out with set up and graphics applying and spit-shining and getting a little jump on being hammered, a bunch.

Gonna get real pickled, a bunch. Y’know, to loosen up some. Been wound pretty tight these last couple months, man.

- - - -

Got some new items for the Merch section being readied for entry into the market. Some market. Our market. Buy something, in a couple days.

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