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December 21, 2006
Posted at 02:11 PM


Listening to lots of Marvin Gaye today. And making pages.

- - - -

Went to my one and only Christmas party tonight over at Chloe’s pad in Northwest Portland. A gigantic house. A big Portland house. Great rooms and color and nooks. Chloe is moving out after 18 years of residence. A lifetime. She’s jumping the river over to Irvington for the next phase.

I met some new folks, exchanged some holiday chatter, rifled through stacks of thought-provoking emphemera, chowed down on all sorts of little delectibles and washed it all down with a couple cups of hot cider.

Thank you. Needed it.

And, best of luck in the next Chapter, Ms. Eudaly.

- - - -

Some great stuff here: Twelvecarpileup.

Especially this.

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