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Draplin Design Co., North America


Pretty excited to announce that we didn’t do any work (well, computerishly speaking) all weekend long. Awesome. Checked some email, checked some prices, but, that was about it.

Instead, things like this took hold of our lives:

01. Having a hear breakfast down the street at Tosis with Nakamoto and Dean.
02. Playing dice with Goo and Nakamoto.
03. Losing 40 bucks to that snake Nakamoto. Fucker.
04. Cleaning behind the stove. Gross.
05. Enlisting help from Leah and Jacob for chore help. Thanks, kids.
06. Finishing an upcoming art show piece. Phew.
07. Watched Miami Vice with the Snowboard dudes at Larry’s place. Overacting.
08. Spoke with the parents some. Missing them pretty bad right now.
09. Did a little number-crunching with friends about possible office space.
10. Watched a documentary about Christian Hosoi, and, got that sinking feeling that the guys I looked up to for so long are just, pretty much, scrubs from the beach. Darn.

- - - -

There are some fascinating characters out there. (Via Kottke.)

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