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Here’s my Friday list, you meatballs:

01. A stop by Vin’s joint to disrupt whoever wants to go head to head with the DDC.

02. A stop by Ally Distribution to get harassed by Chris McCoy.

03. A stop by Grenade Gloves. Just because.

04. Want to get a closer look at the new Cingular Samsung Blackjack. My phone is on its way out after two long years of abuse and hate and yappin’. Been debating stepping up to one of those email dingleberry things, so I can be connected all the time. I like the idea of being able to send email from the road, without having to stop off at some truckstop or something. Connectivity, all the time. Sounds kind of fucked, actually. Maybe I am dumb? Maybe. Anyone got one of these? Help.

05. Some sort of lunch product with Joe from Re:volve who’s in town for a day from Park City.

06. A stop off to the post office to ship some parcels. I hope I don’t get the troll lady who tries to sell ya those mousepads and magnets and shit. So painful.

07. A couple brisk walks with the G-Unit.

08. Lots of real estate to cover: A visit to Shanta at Shantastic Massage. Strong hands, strong hands.

09. A stop by Reading Frenzy, Portland bestest book store.

10. A stop by Holden Outerwear to shoot the shit with Faz, Scott and Mikey.

11. Maybe some random people watching somewhere. I’m pretty excited to be leaving the house.

- - - -

Straight outta Beaver, Oklahoma: Some great animation here, from : Darin Bendal, working out of Tokyo, of all places. Especially the video from Portland’s throaty M. Ward. Love that song.

- - - -

Chris Glass launches Wire&Twine with some brawny, beardy and baby products. Great design all around, and, great spirit through and through. A champion of this thing we call, “Life.”

Man, imagine pulling off a wad of toilet paper off this motherfucker and going to battle down under. Pretty tough.

- - - -

Have a good weekend, everyone. Tomorrow, we head up to Seattle to see some rock and roll.

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Drap, I’m using a crackberry and will admit it’s nice to be connected all the time. But heed this WARNING: Just because your connected, doesn’t mean you have to answer everything, just keep making turns and get back to them later motherfucker!

Posted by: styk on 12/08/06 at 8:38 AM

Samsungs are nice. HOWEVER. If you sync with your address book on mac it sucks. Don’t do it. It will fuck all your numbers up. Instead of having contact numbers under one name it will make separate contacts for every number.


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Nice menus and usability but that fact alone made me return mine.

Posted by: Cory Grove on 12/08/06 at 10:14 AM
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