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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 13, 2006
Back In Portland, Slaying
Posted at 11:24 PM


Made it back. And these were waiting for me. Got an odd lot off eBay and couldn’t be happier. Gonna be learning about fish, trees, stars and stuff the next couple days.

- - - -

Martino and I drove back from Seattle last night. Rained the whole fucking way back. Whole way. Sheets of rain. Black sheets of rain. Hard rain is gonna fall? Fuck that. It fell.

Spent the better part of the day working up new stuff, putting the final touches on the Coal catalogs and cleaning up the pad. Real glad to be back with Gary. Missed that little fucker the last couple days.

- - - -

“CUTE” AS A DEFENSE MECHANISM: Little Poppy McCoy dropped by a couple days back, before we pushed off to Seattle. Quite the little smiler. Chris and Family stopped over to pick up a disk and I finally got to meet this little nugger. Pretty cute.

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They have support groups for ebay addicts I do believe.

Posted by: Chris Glass on 12/14/06 at 5:45 AM

If you can find it Drap, the ‘Zoology’ Golden Guide is priceless - complete with babies holding snakes captioned ‘normal curiousity’! I started collecting them back in that late 90’s period - pure delights.

Posted by: Vaska on 12/16/06 at 4:25 AM
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