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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 12, 2006
Sunday, And The Rain Falls...
Posted at 10:31 PM


I love the wet weather. Missed it, actually.

- - - -

Sending a monster Union catalog over to China this afternoon. How about that shit? That thing is off to the races…

- - - -

Special thanks to the recent influx of orders for DDC Merch.

When we first start selling shit we enjoyed a soft, gigantic rush of orders and are proud to have shipped it all out, on time, with spirit. Thanks again for that proper kickoff. The orders come in waves, for whatever reason. All proceeds go to more gear, so, its kinda like a snake eating it’s tail, or, a gary eating his tail, or something along those lines.

You need this stuff. Really.

Guys like Alan Dale got the guts up to purchase a DDC Factory Floor Issue Trucker Cap. That one was sent all the way out to Washington, in the D.C. Awesome. Alan, if you see Bush up close, slap that prick. Thanks, man.

Tom “Loose” Cannon of Louisville must be breaking some ground at his homestead. He ordered a DDC Build Something Carpenter Pencil a couple days back. Use it with pride. Make something good. Miles and miles of markmaking in that pencil. Gu-aaron-teed.

And of course, some ruffian by the name of Matt Zaun just had to have a set of our DDC 2002 Once-A-Month Card Series. From Minneapolis, of all places. You will be pleased. We think.

Thanks fellas. Much appreciated.

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