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November 26, 2006
Hello, Nurse!
Posted at 04:08 AM


Can’t remember where I poached this from. Maybe from someone’s Flickr stash. (To whom it may concern, “Thanks.”)

For these reasons, I love this shot immensely:

01. The nurse icon.
02. How well it fits the little shape of the red piece.
03. The green in the background.

I remember something like this in Martino’s guest room shower in Colico, Italy. The idea of losing my shit, bailing in the shower and then having to reach up to yank that little “help” string was just kind of unsettling. Not the getting hurt part so much, more the notion of Marty having to come downstairs to find a naked DDC all tangled up, wet, broken and crammed into the base of his little Euro shower unit. Yeesh.

When I think of the couples times I’ve been to Italy, I think about how beautiful Marty’s house is. I spent more time playing with the windows, lightswitches, knobs and floor tiles than I spent sleeping. Chalk it up to jetlag and that cool air coming off the pristine Lake Colico.

- - - -

Digging around that thing called myspace, I came across this hunk of shit: “Smoke up, Evan.”

- - - -

Picked up a new flat screen TV for the office. We’re gonna try working “Nakamoto style” where you have a tv on in the peripheral…documentaries, game shows, news, etc. Horseshit to take the mind off the wildness on the screen in front of me. Kind of sickening, actually. Got this slick little 19” Westinghouse HDTV model, for a couple hundred smackers, and might mount the thing to the wall, nice and clean.

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