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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 24, 2006
Black Friday
Posted at 10:03 PM


This scorpion is from the “Design On File” folder book I scored somewhere in the travels. So much good stuff in it. I am pretty freaked out by scorpions. That stinger, those little bulbous links on their tales….yuck. Oh, those pinchers, too. I remember some kid telling me about these little translucent ones that would show up in Bend, Oregon in the summer. I never looked at grass the same in those parts.

- - - -

Worked this morning some, then, did a little shoplifting with the little sister, then, did nothing into the evening.

- - - -

Neir gets it up and running. That’s Neil Dacosta, to all of you varmits outside the Portland realm. Good kid.

- - - -

Here’s some kickass Aussie matchbox inserts I found scrounging the junk drawers of eBay. Light me up.

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