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November 21, 2006
Dog Shit
Posted at 09:41 AM


Not a minute after after a brisk pee early this morning, Gary “eliminated” a big ol’ tootsie roll on the living room hardwoods. I had to pee, and, in all fairness, it was my turn. Our rule is as such, “Gary pees first in the morning. Then I pee. Then we go out one more time for him to pinch a loaf.” Fair enough. Sometimes he’s gotta go real bad, sometimes, no dice. We were just getting ready to go out for his second round when I noticed the little steaming mound of love, freshly laid.

Gary…c’mon, man.

Man, he’s been battin’ a thousand around the house, and, well, I guess even a dachshund loses his cool every now and again. We’re a year-and-a-half into this partnership and the little devil is still battling demons in the Elimination Department. Sigh.

- - - -

Adam and his St. Bernard “Tonka” on Halloween. Pretty awesome, if you ask us.

Adam’s a sentry over at Fort Awesome, aside from his Nemo duties. We could storm those barricades with ease. “Operation Midwesting The East Coast,” or something.

- - - -

Embry sends in another example of the cruel world a dachshund has to deal with: End Wiener Dog Persecution!

- - - -

Wow, a little Princess Leia doggie. Snicker.

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