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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 16, 2006
Almost Done...
Posted at 10:09 PM


Went up to Seattle for the day to review Coal imagery for next week’s catalog build. Smooth sailing up, with no traffic woes. Smooth sailing back down, too.

Gary really let it out in that C3 office. Sorry, everyone. He means well.

- - - -

The mag is all designed up ‘cept for one straggler, rogue story, still on it’s way up the coast from some dark corner in the Southern Californian landscape.

- - - -

Aaron Lee, master of all things “fun”, kicked out the jams this halloween with this little get-up: “GnomeCore.”

The best costume of the year, if you ask us.

- - - -

Also, from Mr. Lee, a shot of Faz, Gary and I from a Nemo party this summer. Gary was on edge real bad that night. Sorry, everyone.

Man, I fuckin’ love Faz. That man is royalty. A king. My favorite Faz in the world. Lifetime Faz membership.

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