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Worked all damn day. Not much to report.

Casualties from Day 02 with Snowboard: 74 of 90 pages.

- - - -

The highlight of the day was seeing Matt and Nicole Kass. It was good to see those lovebirds together. Children, behave. Love is in the air.

I got them to pick me up, going AWOL, and headed over to this Emphemera show at some VFW hall. Just as we were getting there, the place was closing. No dice. Still bummed.

We celebrated my completely blowing it with some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I got my favorite flavor: Pumpkin. Yum.

- - - -

Here’s my favorite ice cream flavors:
01. Pumpkin
02. Egg Nog
03. Cinnamon
04. Blue Moon (…from Meijer’s, back in the day.)

There is One Comment

Okay, anyone who mentions ice cream gets referred to jenisicecreams.com/0500allflavors.html.

And you are in luck: Pumpkin and Chinese Five Spice and Saigon Cinnamon are on the fall/winter flavor list! (I’ve got my sights on the Marie Antoinette Special Edition mix.)

She runs her shop out of North Market in Columbus, OH. 6 pints + dry ice shipping runs about $110. for folks on the west coast. If you’re back in the midwest you might just take a drive over there. I’m considering flying out, myself, for a few days of ice cream.

Posted by: Michelle on 10/27/06 at 12:16 AM
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