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Locked in a hotel room, working away on mountain of projects. That’s all we got for ya today.

- - - -

Tired of woodchucks? Here’s one to help remedy any pesky intruders in yer backyard: Targets.

This motherfucker of a link was sent in by Freedom Fighter, Cobra Dog slinger and American Citizen Cory Grove, Portland, Oregon. We salute you.

We’d like to add on to the mix, for another common four-legged nuisance.

- - - -

ETK gets his site up and running. Lots of adventure and wildness. Good shit.

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Speaking of projects, bust one out for me when you get to the foothills.
P.S. We love you

Posted by: bry on 10/12/06 at 6:09 PM
Posted by: Porero on 11/28/06 at 3:15 PM
Posted by: Males on 11/28/06 at 6:27 PM
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