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Worked pretty late last night, so, I slept in way past the checkout time.

Not too much to report today. Worked a bunch, took a ride around Northwest St. Louis up towards St. Charles, bought a new pillow at a Target (left my lucky pillow in Allentown…shit.), went shoplifting for some new kicks and got back to the hotel to catch up on more work. That’s about it, man.

I did see this little joint: The Home of Bigfoot.

The truck, that is.

You remember the monster truck, right? I do. It was a little after my time, as, when the shit hit the fan concerning the “monster truck craze,” I was more into G.I. Joe guys and shit. I liked Stompers, though, so, there you have it.

373. “The Home of Bigfoot.”
374. “Bigfoot’s grill.”
375. “Dry off with the glory: Vintage Bigfoot towel.”
376. “The original was in the shop. More like ‘Littlefoot’.”
377. “The skeleton of some beast.”
378. “And luckily, in my 32nd year, I did too.”
379. “A Bigfoot tank was parked out front.”
380. “Nice metal.”
381. “Some good tread.”
382. “One last look at that tank.”

But of course, we had our own ideas…

383. “Big S, modified for some off-road action.”

Wish I could’ve seen this motherfucker.

And, just because: God Bless America.

- - - -

Way to go, Joe Kral: A mess of the beautiful, vintage Penguin book covers. (Sent in by the Mark Lewman. Thanks!)

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who’d of thunk that place exists. what a country.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 10/03/06 at 4:44 AM
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