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Draplin Design Co., North America


Man, it’s gonna be a nice day. One of those days that just make you go, “The world is a good place.”

(Just don’t read any news, turn on the radio or talk to anyone for that matter.)

- - - -

It’s just a hair before 10 in the AM, and man, I got the windows wide open in the office and the cool morning air is so nice.

It’s 53 degrees out right now. So good. My favorite time of year. Not as good as October, but, pretty good.

When October comes around, I really try to slow shit down to a snail’s pace, so I can savor each cool day. I plan on being back in that Midwest for the better part of it. Kicking around leaves, wearing jackets, sipping cider and stuff. All that.

Hell, If I could, I’d make fall an all year deal, you picaroons. (Look that one up, you reprobates. Aw, hell, look that one up too…)

- - - -

We’re busy. Chained to the desk. Baker’s eagle eye is focused on me. Any stray web browser windows are frowned upon in his all-too-nice, overly-diplomatic way. The guys is just too nice. Get mean.

Here are some “action shots” from the “studio,” of our “staff”:

345. “Larry Nuñez, Señor Editor.”
346. “Aaron James Draplin, Graphic Design.”
347. “Jeff Baker, Editor.”
348. “Man, we love the 1.4 aperture.”
349. “Larry, working on his story about Sal Masakela.”
350. “This was as close as Twos got, and then, abruptly left and started driving to Portland.”
351. “Baker, lining shit up for me to lay out.”
352. “Mike Basher, Associate Editor. One of the best last names in the industry.”

We’re getting there. Counting down the hours, pretty much until I fly back to St. Louis for more adventure.

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