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Got up not even close to “early” and did some work, then hightailed it down into the city to explore some of the warehouse districts. Man, did we come across some beautiful specimens.

See for yerself, man:

254. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.01”
255. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.02”
256. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.03”
257. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.04”
258. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.05”
259. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.06”
260. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.07”
261. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.08”
262. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.09”
263. “Cinci Warehouse Tour, no.10”

And then we found this one, and like the colors and got to thinking about the Grand Canyon and The Mystery Spot and Kingman and Flagstaff and that one time we almost got tun over by cattle, in the middle of the night, at the Four Corners…

264. “Arizona might have something to do with Ohio? Hard to say.”

After a long day of warehousing, poaching wireless wherever we could grab a signal and then, hangin’ around the Northside with friends, we wee guided to this overlook for a beautiful late night cityscape view…

265. “Cincinnati, real late.”

Bedded down somewhere south of town, on the Kentucky side of that river. Fort Mitchell or something. Some real fleabag joint that had the shittiest wireless signal ever, and, carpet that shouldn’t touch a human foot. Yikes.

Hey, you win some and you lose some, eh? We roll with the punches, man and take the good with the bad. This little shanty was definitely bad, but, made us stronger somehow.

Tomorrow, that amazing, sorta famous, “American Sign Museum.

There is One Comment

Had I known you were rolling through Cincy, I’d have set something up. But, if you’re still in town, I’ll be at WOXY all afternoon. It’s a party of a day - their last on air. You’re more than welcome to pop by.

It’s down by the football stadium.

Posted by: glass on 09/15/06 at 6:33 AM
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