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Got up at the crack of 10am and shot out out to the airport to pickup Derek. He grabbed a couple flights down from Traverse City. Picked the kid up and so the day began. Good to have him here.

We spent the day cruising around town, getting lost, checking shit out, taking photos, catching up and just sort of “taking it all in.” Lots and lots of neighborhoods to explore.

115. “Twin Hi-Way Drive In”
116. “Twin Hi-Way Drive In detail.”

Every now and again we get hungry. It happened again in Pittsburgh. Michaylira recommended “Primanti Brothers” for lunch, so we took him up on it. My gawd. Goddammit, Michaylira, go easy on us. We saddled up for a bite to eat and quickly realized our number was up. Here’s their version of a “healthy heart” sandwich: Pick some kind of meat, grill it, slop some cheese on it, plop it on a piece of bread, throw a handful of sauerkraut on it, then, a handful of soggy french fries and then, gently place a piece of bread on it, and violently smash it down into “Primanti nightmare,” wrapped in a piece of butcher paper. Oh, there were two slices of tomato in there too, just for “good health.”

117. “The Strip.”
118. “Primanti Brothers.”
119. “The Primanti cockpit.”
120. “Death by Pastrami.”
121. “The menu. So many choices to wreck the plumbing.”

Somehow, by the grace of something, we made our way back downtown and conquered Fort Pitt. Pittsburgh has a rich history. Well, sorta. Basically, the French took it from the Iriquois Native Americans, the English wanted it and tok it from the French, and the whole time, all nations fighting eachother. Something proud like that.

122. “The old Fort Pitt.”
123. “The diorama has seen better days.”
124. “Trapper’s quarters.”
125. “The only remaining structure in the fort.”
126. “Pitt claims.”

We took a walk along the river, thinking about George Washington and other imperial turds.

127. “Took a walk along the river…”

Being tourists, we had to take a ride on the Duquense Incline. Of course. Real rickety. Saw my sad, short life pass before my eyes. Contemplated lots of things while en route. Wondered if we’d make the front page when the cables snapped and set us plunging to our creator.

128. “That rickety, old Duquense Incline.”
129. “Crossing the highway.”
130. “Is my will finished?”
131. “The city from the incline.”
132. “A long way down.”
133. “The sign that says it all, man.”
134. “Old timer Incline passes.”
135. “The best view of Pittsburgh in town.”
136. “Back down.”
137. “The long road home.”

You know how we like it. We can’t get enough of the brick signage around town. So good. We have big plans for one of these of our very own at some point in our career. Wow.

138. “Hartman & Co.”
139. “American.”
140. “Shipping and Receiving.”
141. “B.M. Kramer & Co.”

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“Pittsburg puts the fun in funicular!”

Posted by: Frayed Cable on 09/05/06 at 2:04 PM

Been here for a few years, it’s no all that bad. Check out the East End of town (Bloomfield/Friendship) Little suprises around every turn. If your lucky enough, someone will show you a huge metal deer sculpture.


Posted by: Yinz N'At on 09/06/06 at 3:34 AM

Hey Aaron
Tevis’s mom, wild as shit. Barfights and topless escapades were the talk of the town. I DON’T THINK SO. As I recall it Aaron Draplin in his
BLACK SKETCHERS was the talk in Banff. Even us
crazy canucks know “WHAT NOT TO WEAR”
Take Care
mother of the Bride

Posted by: bonnie Houston on 09/07/06 at 8:12 PM

Hey Aaron thats no way to get any of those
Shescuatches wearing those SKETCHERS

Posted by: null on 09/07/06 at 8:21 PM
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