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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 08, 2006
Two Weeks Out...
Posted at 08:20 AM


Took a good, long hard look at the calendar today and realized, “Only a couple weeks to go, and we push off on the fall tour.” Shitchyah. Real excited. Ready to go exploring. Official announcement coming soon.

On the 24th, hell or high water, I will be singing along to those goddamned Flaming Lips in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fuck Yeah.

- - - -

Fence dynamics, underway.

A couple of sweaty Russians “broke ground” out back this morning. Finally. Things went smooth with the foliage removal, then with the pole implants. Turns out there’s some woolly topography back there; like all backyards should have. The slight incline in the back corners might take a little extra muscle to level things out a bit, so as to keep with the “six foot privacy fence, for the whole perimeter” thing in check.

Of course, I’m back there snooping around, trying to explain concerns to a couple of Russkies battling the clock. They are being accomodating for the most part, but the language barriers just weren’t driving my point home. So I said, “Fuck it.” and dragged them into the studio to show them this. Then they got what the hell I was talking about. Thing is, I want the thing to be level the whole way around. No step ups, men.

The new posts suddenly “frame” the space back there in a striking way. Suddenly, the yard feels large. Awesome. I can’t wait to let the G-Unit be able to run around back there and have his way with the place. When we go back there, I gotta watch him so we don’t have a breach. He’ll be secure back there, and on his own schedule.

- - - -

Our first Union ad is in the Transworld Buyer’s Guide: Check it out, man.

Be sure to check out the new “coming soon” placeholder on the Union site. Download our latest catalog, too, and see a ton of our work. Dig in.

- - - -

PJ made it up to Traverse City, after losing an engine in the Paw Paw area. Last time I heard, he was being “well fed” at the Draplin Parental Compound, trying to survive my dad’s barrage of bad jokes and the air conditoning. Tomorrow he sets off for those Soo Locks, up above that bridge.

01. “If my dad goes missing, look for a snake like this.”
02. “Mom, I miss you terribly.”
03. “No dead pencils go to waste.”
04. “A proud man showing off the fruits of his labor.”

- - - -

We dig the Quanta.

- - - -

Jared sent this one in: Helvetica, The Documentary. Can’t wait. Gonna be great.

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when do oyu arrive at the wedding in banff?
give me a call bitch - plenty of junking up there.

Posted by: erose on 08/08/06 at 12:41 AM
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