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August 20, 2006
Tomorrow We Push Off...
Posted at 11:41 AM


And that’s that.

Worked my ass off this summer. Right after seeing those Flaming Lips back in May, I started “putting things together” for the busiest summer to date. I want to thank everyone who “took a chance” with us over the last three months. I appreciate the opportunity and good work.

Pushing off tomorrow morning. Official announcement pending.

- - - -

Just in from the Mark Lewman: Safety on the trails.

Mark Lewman. Remember that name? I sure do. I used to pour over every word of those action sport mags of the old days. Freestylin’, Dirt and Blunt. Every word. I remember that name, associated with stuff that was so cool and always so fresh, from my little vantage point in Northern Michigan. This guy was one of the fucking pioneers of “all things rad.” His crew defined the culture “non-sport” sports, inventing it for the rest of us, and, giving us life.

Something that comes to mind, just barely, is: “CW Trick Team.” Wow. Been a while.

Was over at nemodesign saying my last goodbye, and finally got to meet him, and, get a good handshake and complete the fucking circle. Awesome.

“A zine-makers hero.” Exactly.

- - - -

Got real pickled on that Booze Cruise. I’m sure there are some “less than flattering” photos of us being downloaded onto some machine, somewhere this afternoon. Yikes.

Aside from all the tomfoolery, I got a couple quiet moments to myself, hanging in a corner up against the railing, watching Portland silently drift by. What a great fucking town.

- - - -

The Grenade Gloves case study is up in our Work section.

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