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August 04, 2006
Friday Came Up On Us Fast.
Posted at 07:38 AM


If Coyle came to me today and said, “I need you to do an album cover for me.” I would grab my camera, snap one-and-only-one shot and make the aberration above. Good god. Fucking barbarian. Verrrry beardy.

For the record: Anyone fucks with Coyle and well, they fuck with the whole DDC enterprise.

- - - -

Kinda hard to believe it’s already Friday. Where’d the week go?

Just been at the grind all week, and man, the cycle is getting the best of me: Wake up, Gary pees, I pee, stretch the back some, plop down, get to work, figure out shit for Lovejoy to help with, do some work, field some calls, eliminate some waste, figure shit out, eat some lunch, take a nap, look at paper options, play some drums, shower up, do some dishes, play some guitar, field more calls, design some stuff up, wonder about the fall tour, read some news, get some supper, talk to friends, take a little drive, watch some tube, do some more work after the midnight hour, hit the sack, dream.

That’s about it. So it goes.

Brad hopped a train back to Seattle last night, so, our stint at “getting a ton of stuff done for Coal” comes to an end. Much was accomplished.

- - - -

Sheldon Sabbatini dropped by yesterday and we shot the shit about photography, snowboarding, the weed epidemic in Northern California, coastal lving, the Minneasota Iron Range, Duluth, what it’s like to be a dad and other topics. Sheldon shoots for Snowboard Mag, and man, his stuff was a fine addition to our pages.

- - - -

78 great, old 78’s labels here: Nugrape.net

- - - -

A letter from Paul Westerberg to some guy named “Bruce.” 1985.

- - - -

“Your Web Source for Original Vintage Antique Label Art”: Cerebro

- - - -

Amazing, simple, wood digital clocks. Pretty nice.

- - - -

Joos Grootens, man. Those Dutch sure are smart. Nice publication design and grids and type and subtle colors.

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Love the new site design.

On the wooden digital clock front, not sure if you’ve seen this one…


(sadly only able to be shipped in the UK)

Posted by: chris on 08/04/06 at 6:24 AM

Yo Drap…nice to see you’re keeping the scraps on the warehouse floor…what happening?

Posted by: norberto on 08/04/06 at 3:03 PM
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