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August 17, 2006
Gary Lair
Posted at 02:21 AM


Gary, just before burrowing into his blankie for some shut-eye.

It’s the end of the day, and we’re trying to wind down. It’s 2:02 in the AM and the last round was just shipped to a waiting client. Phew. Kinda wild how much one can pack into a day when shit’s under the gun.

Gary is doing really good. Even with all the commotion involving the, “winding up of our summer stint,” the little man is coming up nicely. He’s even growing some. Getting longer. I’ll notice it every now and again. Like, when he’s on the lap, looking out the window when we’re cruising the gut. Seems like each time, he can poke out that window a little bit more.

He spent last night over at Goo’s with cousins Collin and Dot. Thanks again. Good times.

- - - -

A little birdie passed me the new Decemberists album. Shhh. More tales about drab themes from the World War One era. Imagine that.

Plus, we got our hands on the new TV On The Radio. This time around, we dig. Exotic and gnawing. There are some great “coming soon” spots on their site, too. Watched ‘em all.

Now I want to go to the city this fall. McMenamin, fire up that couch for me, girl.

> For the record, we’ve taken some flak from readers about our getting new releases a little ahead of time. We’ll put it this way, to set the record straight: Yes, we’re lucky enough to get upcoming albums a little earlier. Yes, we buy every album that stays in rotation past one listen. Yes, we support the bands we love. There you go. We got a stack of discs out there in that dining room that’ll shut ya right up.

- - - -


We settled ourselves a new road rig today. Got one of those new MacBook Pro deals, maxed out the ram all the way to 2gb and slapped some Apple Care on all it, just in case. We need firepower this fall when we are out there. As it stands, little sister Leah will be getting the 14-incher iBook hand-me-down. That is, if she’s decent.

This new machine is a piece of art. Really is. Can’t believe the technology has come this far, this fast. Bravo.

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