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Got an odd lot of Eastern European matchbox advertisements. Hours of wonder. Got me to thinking about my Gramma Josie a bunch, and how she’d talk about “Old Country Poland” like it was this far off land. Everything is far off from Michigan, come to think about it. I miss her.

- - - -

The Magnolia Electric Company show was great last night. Lots of folks showed up. I was surprised.

The funny part about these guys is that, the same music is being played all over America, in some little bar somewhere. Maybe not as refined and ironic, but, it’s out there. Add 10 years to the guys playing up there and they’d get laughed off the stage. Just plain old rock and roll music. Great.

Thought about Chicago and Indiana and the I-90/I-94 roundabout while they played a bunch. Thanks, I loved it.

- - - -

Get a load of this: Here’s a guy who takes pics of “interesting characters I find at county fairs and rodeos around Oregon.” There are some real beauties out there, around the state. I love it. On a side note: As a species, we are doomed.

I recognized some of the folks on there:

01. Looking good, Coyle, looking good.
02. Nice ink ya got there, Jay Floyd.
03. Matt Kass, letting it all hang out.
04. PJ rolled through, and didnt even call.
05. I even make an appearance, albeit briefly.

- - - -

Good strong code over at Mark Wyner’s joint.

- - - -

A vote of confidence goes out to P.J. as he fires up his machine and hits the road…

- - - -

Getting a new cedar fence put in any day now. Kinda excited. Gotta corral the little man. Otherwise, we could have a breach, and man, that ain’t cool.

Something simple, and clean, at like 6 foot high. Kinda like this.

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Howdy, thx for the linkage and the love.
And i have to agree, D O O M E D .

Have you had the chance to check out Magnolia-man’s earlier work? Songs:Ohia. Absolutely love em.

Oh and hey, are you still working over at Cinco?
I just did some work for them the other week.

thanks again,

love the template here, btw…

Posted by: earth on 08/02/06 at 1:16 PM

i cant believe more people aren’t copying your rad carny styles. I mean with your influences, i’m surprised more people aren’t shooting for those killer fashions.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 08/02/06 at 5:12 PM

I’m digging the new-look DDC site. Very kool.

But that PJ-in-nature picture steals the show!

Posted by: Jamie on 08/02/06 at 6:43 PM

Hey Draplin.
Best regards from Poland.
Jak sie masz?
Kiedy nas odwiedzisz?

Posted by: Greg&Jakub on 08/03/06 at 1:12 AM

Hey Drapiln
Jak sie masz?
Kiedy nas odwiedzisz?
See ya

Posted by: Greg & jakub on 08/03/06 at 1:18 AM
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