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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 19, 2006
Wednesday: Heavy Duty
Posted at 02:07 AM


Got a mountain done today.

I squared up with the Feds, Oregon state and Multnomah county with those taxes, finally. Now, sure, shit’s a little late and all, but, last year at this time I was just getting the books into the accountant. I had everything to him by April 15th this time around, which was a vast improvement.

The biggest advancement this year was getting myself tied up in some investing stuff. I opened my first IRA thing up this time around. Helped a lot with the bottom line, but more importantly, puts the first foot forward in setting up some sort of nest egg for a couple decades from now. Felt weird to see it go, but, we’ll be watching it intently with hopes of it growing into something substantial. Who knows.

I felt good to send those tax returns off. Phew. Gotta get back to living.

- - - -

Cameron shows up tonight for a summer stint.

We’ve got a lot of indoor living planned. We’ve got a couple web sites to team up on, some maintenance to do on the DDC web enterprises, some logos designs to get rolling and, most importantly, some “general hanging out” to do. Cam’s a busy man. He’s married up, expecting a little critter and working up some good projects. It’ll be good to see him.

- - - -

The first Coal ad hit the pages in Transworld Snowboarding. Take a look: “Mikey Leblanc in the Frena.” Photo by Embry Rucker.

- - - -

LIstened to the new Sonic Youth album today, Rather Ripped. Great fuckin’ title. Pretty good.

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nice work on the Coal ad, it’s refreshing to see a Company focus on the BRAND…beautiful

Posted by: styk on 07/19/06 at 9:26 AM

Just saw Sonic Youth last night as they opened up for Pearl Jam here in SF. At one point during the show thurston broke a string so the band went into this sonic psychadelic trip while he strung up his axe…Some good noise coming out of the speakers for sure. Also didn’t know if you are planning on going but The FLAMING LIPS and SY are gonna be hitting up your home state together in a few weeks…just to let you know.

Posted by: Mark on 07/19/06 at 11:37 AM

Stunning visuals on the Coal sneek peek, near perfection. I own at least twenty beanies spanning 10 years with others left in lodges or tops of Thule racks and yet I absolutely covet the coal beanies. A great example of why we do this, kudos.

Posted by: Aaron on 07/21/06 at 8:46 AM
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