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So Ryno made a new friend.

Story goes, direct from the fork-tongued sonofabitch himself, that the little hound came up to him while he was on the job working, licked his ankles, then wouldn’t leave his side. After an extensive neighboorhood search, he took the little darling home, and, well, they just might be a family now.

He’s gonna make up some flyers and stuff, and we’ll see how that one pans out.

“Gary, she could be the one.” €“DDC, Girlstuff Dept.

- - - -

Wish I had more to post. Busy, busy days as the weeks peters off into the weeked.

Word is, shit’s gonna get real hot the next couple days. Damn. I’ve got a mountain of shit to get through, so, my days are pretty much figured out. One month out from hitting the road, and, feeling real good about that.

- - - -

Cam showed up last night. He’s in town for some web conference stuff. We caught up a little bit last night into the wee hours, got some shut-eye, then had a good french toast and bacon breakfast this morning, courtesy of Tosis, down Sandy Blvd. a spell. Tosis, as in, “Toe-sis”…or, “Halitosis.” Something like that. At least you don’t have to wait for three hours like every other Portland breakfast nook.

The other day I went with Goo, Frannie and Colin to the Tin Shed.

45 minutes to get seated+
20 mins to get an the order placed+
Damn near an hour for the food to show up+
5 minutes of scarfing.
= Fuck that shit.

And this was on a Monday!

- - - -

Gonna spend an afternoon here on the fall tour, for sure: Field of Dreams, Iowa.

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Careful, Ryno. Taking on a critter is a mighty big obligation, it’s like getting married (AND, with a dog in the city, you have to pick up their warm shit with your hand!). I’d be living in Japan, China, the Ukraine, or Godknowswhere right now if it weren’t for my two cats.

I’m not saying don’t do it, but goddamnit, think of where you’ll be 10 years from now and ask yourself if you see a little lapdog in that picture, and whether or not you want to listen to it bark incessantly, take it out several times every single day/night, pay for whatever medical shit is bound to arise, etc.

Posted by: Caution to the Wind Chmiel on 07/20/06 at 8:01 PM

Goddamn it - I can’t help it.

She’s got me hooked, man. Just took her for a long walk - every pretty girl from here to Uptown started gurgling like a newborn and squatting down to pet her.

She’s money in the bank, baby…

No barking, mellow around the house. Money…

Posted by: ryno on 07/20/06 at 11:09 PM
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