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Went to a beautiful wedding downtown today. Dan Sorcinelli “made it official” with his gal Jenni after 7.5 years of courtship. Wow.

The ceremony was fast and hot and got me all choked up thinking about cosmic shit like, “What it all means” and “How beautiful they looked up there” and “Girlstuff and all mysteries therein” and “Getting a wife of my own one of these days” and other topics both mundane and celestial.

Supper: Prime rib, potatoes, roasted red bell peppers, asparagus, greens and a warm roll…washed down with a couple Miller High Lifes. Good groceries.

Hung with: Topher, Lovejoy, Jak Green, Jak’s gal Sara, Allie, Faz, Trevor Phillips, Kyle Phillips and some other squirrels I’ve forgotten due to alcohol poisoning.

Best wishes to those Sorcinellis.

01. “Dan Sorcinelli, a couple moments before the big transaction.”
02. “Set high atop a skyscraper courtyard somewhere downtown…”
03. “Topher and Sara.”
04. “Old buddy Jak Green and I, in a moment of brotherhood.”
05. “The big moment.”
06. “Hey World: Dan and Jenni Sorcinelli.”
07. “Caeksa.”
08. “Some nice kids I sat next to. We talked about Cincinnati.”
09. “Lovejoy, that little devil.”
10. “Another beautiful Portland summer night.”

There is One Comment

I’m ‘bout to find out what it all means man: 8/26/06. I’ll let you know, and you should ask Dabica too.

Food will be good, drinks will be there. High Life? Not sure, but it’s been treating us well here lately. More-so than the PBR (Portland’s favorite.)

Posted by: Vince on 07/17/06 at 12:53 PM
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