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July 29, 2006
Don't Gremlin My Passat
Posted at 09:10 AM


Rose handed over this little treasure down when I was in Long Beach last month.

I’d been eyeing it for some time, and dropping hints how I “needed it in my life.” The second Rose smells you want something of his, he holds onto it even longer. Like a bottle of fine vintage wine, he uncorks the shit on his schedule.

In high school I’d catch ride to this VoTech center with a cat I worked with at my pizza job. His name was Ron Boyle and he was this good-lookin’ Islander guy thing going on, with this thick, black mane of hair; big on top and long in the back. Plus, he had this weird tooth that Pangea’d away from the front row and sat back a quarter inch from the rest. Weird. Something to think about. Anyway, we’d ride to over to that school in his brown Gremlin. What a hunk of shit. I remember how you could see the road whip by through the rotting, rusted floorboards. The windshiled would pop out of place and the cold, Michigan winter air would fristbite all inhabitants. Those rigs have a lot of space. Very, very comfortable.

On the way back to school after our day at TBA, we’d round the corner and head down the final stretch that leads you to the school parking lot. My high school was big, so there were always tons of kids loitering. He’d watch for mud puddles and Ron would veer towards the curb, nail the puddle, spraying mud and sludge on unsuspecting students walking home from school. Wild, downright wrong and funny as shit.

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Get over to any one of our comments sections and check out the latest revamp. Cam muscled our little comment icons in there, tuned up the colors some, and, well, shit…fucking tight.

Now, all you horse thieves, tell us what is on yer mind!

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My little sister Leah and her man Jacob are planning a move out to Portland. High-level negotiations are scheduled. Get out here. Save that money. About time. You are gonna love it. Young, wild and free.

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Little Mika Baker got her site up finally. We approve.

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Lots of good common uses for those Sharpies.

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