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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 10, 2006
Posted at 06:49 PM


Look at how beautiful these bus transfer from yesteryear Cleveland are. Years and years ago. Couple generations back, actually. Go ride a bus, then, in between watching for yer stop and wondering about the old guy next to you, carefully study the design of yer transfer and give it a little thought how things used to be.

- - - -

Got a heap done today.

- - - -

Thinking real hard about making some changes around here. Really.

Thoughts are in motion involving things like:

01. 3rd Annual DDC Fall Roadtrip. (…soon to be announced.)
02. Grad school aspirations.
03. New challenges. Too many to list.
04. Moving to that Midwest, in some sort of capacity.
05. Houseswappin’.
06. How quick a year goes by these days, and how fucked that is.
07. The Flaming Lips in St. Paul on August the 24th. (Get tickets, Ryno.)
08. How good Jeff Tweedy is. His solo stuff has been on constant rotation.
09. Top secret projects involving simple materials like paper, ink and staples.
10. Flying the parents out here for some rest + relaxation.

- - - -

Porterfield came in with this shot of Dave Harrison and his little rascal Chase gettin’ real dirty at Dimension MFG. down in Salem. He’s wearing a vintage DDC shirt from 1996, you bastards. Nice. Good form.

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