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So good. Last time I saw this video was in Anchorage, a decade ago. I remember how awkward it was to see my favorite band at the time on MTV or whatever, in some gltizy department store. And, I remember catching the second half of it. We didn’t have a TV that summer, and, can’t say I really missed it.

So this morning, I watched the video all the way through.

Look how young Farrar looks. He was 27 there. Those Boquist brothers, hell, they were always old. I saw Jim Boquist last year playing with Westerberg and he looked like a young, unshaven Clint Eastwood.

I rode Tressa’s bike all over Anchorage that summer, as well as my skateboard. Bought my first acoustic guitar up there too, with my first paycheck from the train. I remember trying to learn these songs on our shitty little porch on Latouche street. We lived in the ghetto and kids were messing with me as they whizzed by on their brokedown bikes.

What gets me about the Trace album is, Farrar was 26/27 years old when he was writing it, and, the level maturity in those songs was staggering for young man of his age. I was 22 in the summer of 1996, byiunbg albums at Mammoth records in Anchorage on my days off from the train. I completed my Uncle Tupelo collection, got into Wilco, the Jayhawks, Richard Buckner, Blue Mountain and those goddamned Bottle Rockets. Good times, that summer.

I just about wore my copy of Trace out that summer. Just about. Still got that beat up copy too.

Some more YouTube Son Volt goodies here.

- - - -

Big day today. Coal photoshoot, shipping some ads, wrapping up some projects. All in all, more and more progress is made as we push towards our fall goal.

- - - -

Watched Syriana last night with Nunez. Pretty good. Pretty intense. Really had to pay attention.

Felt kinda sad afterwards while I watered the lawn, then, had to chase down Gary after a neighborhood alleycat got a little too close. Gary doesn’t do “feline” too well.

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There’re some tasty goodies on YouTube, like this Minutemen gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d1xQMKjmUI

Which is appears in better quality on “We Jam Econo”, which I bought on the day it came out in Washington DC, and which I will be bringing with me on my pacific NW trip, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Posted by: Uncle Jam on 07/11/06 at 11:05 AM
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