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Jim Golden brought some shit to my attention and I had to post this one. So good. An old Bolex logo. Amazing.

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Up in Seattle today finishing up the remainder of the Coal 2006-2007 advertising campaign portraits. Embry is shooting the deal, Brad will be providing locations, I’ll be thinking up angles and stuff. We’re getting up at the crack of dawn, shooting away and I’ll be back on the road back down to Port-O-Land by early afternoon. I like it up here. It’s cool out and beautiful and even late at night, people are out and about enjoying the city.

I’m going to see Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young tonight with a client. Wish the parents were here for this one. I grew up on the stuff, so, I can’t pass up the opportunity to see one of mom and dad’s favorite outfits from those free-lovin’ ’60s.

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The official “publicity shot” from PJ’s upcoming, “R.A.M.B.L,E. Tour.” Goddammit. So good.

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A new video from Will Oldham: “Cursed Sleep” Creepy. Beardy. Smooth head.

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Look how beautiful our Conduit page is. Cam, you blow me away. Hubba hubba.

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The long vowels, non of which reside in “G-a-r-y,” but, are closely-related, length-wise. (Sent in by Sturgill. Thanks.)

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Vin sets the record straight about Burlington vs. Portland.

The first line item is basically all that needs to be said. I loved my first visit, but, did discover/sense this weird vibe to the some of the slicksters I met out there. Then again, it’s due to the painfully constrictive limits of the snowboard industry, and how small it is relatively, and how big the Burton influence is, and how that works into shit in our circles. Phew. Lots of commas.

I was a fan looking in, coming off many years of looking up to folks who lived there. But, even five years back, it felt small and insular. For snowboarding, and the corner of the design world it inhabits, it was mecca. Maybe not anymore.

There’s no question that some amazing stuff comes out of JDK. Impressive stuff.

To all the good fuckers who moved out here from Burlington the last bunch of months, we’ve got this much to say, “About time.” and, “Welcome.”

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i feel the need to weigh in about the BVT vs PDX debate. it should be noted that i have spent a of of time in VT and almost no time in portland. nevertheless, i stand by my conclusion that there is no place like or as great as VT, and portland can’t hold a flame to it.

i read vin’s whole rant, and i agree with the majority of it. VT, and Burlington in particular, are not good places to try to “make it” in (or experience) art, music, fast living, snowboarding or even romance. to be a total hippie about it, the internet craze and the box store boom are dirtying the face of america in general, and I think burlington and its young, ambitious inhabitants just need some time to grow. i agree that there are definitely a lot of big fish polluting the small pond in Burlington, and my hope is they will eventually pack up or shut up. in any event, it sounds like the migration is well on its way, and i welcome it!

once everyone/ every city is done growing, hopefully they’ll realize what they’re missing.

some of my absolute favorite people live in portland, as do many career alcoholic, borderline junkie wanna be artist/rockstar, big talk no show “friends in passing” i have known over the years. i wish them all well, and it sounds like there’s plenty of room for all to live in harmony in the NW (sorry draplin).

i agree that anyone who feels they have things to prove and marks to make doesn’t belong in VT. that’s what seems to bother you about Burlington, and it also bothers me. to the big fish, i say: move on, move away, keep talking shit. more for me!

dont myspace burlington.

back to the land—-eventually,


Posted by: ilovermont on 07/28/06 at 9:34 AM

Good news. Yer site looks good and works on these gay Treo’s.

(sent from my gay Treo.)

Posted by: Vince on 07/28/06 at 1:28 PM

Son Volt. August 24th. Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. $35. Ouch. But it’s them or the Nuge again at the fair…

Posted by: ty on 07/28/06 at 5:30 PM
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