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June 07, 2006
Posted at 10:42 AM


So good. Listen to some Flaming Lips today, alright? Be glad. I’ve got a feeling everything is gonna be alright.

- - - -

Cris and Ali are doing this thing called “getting married.” This might mean an early September trip to scenic New Hampshite. Wow. Here’s a little something about Dabica: He’s the meanest, most sardonic, “over it all,” freshwater sonofabitch on the East Coast. He’s got collections that’ll make you contemplate larceny. He’s got one-liners that’ll make you want to quit living. Throw in a “breath of fresh air” like Ali, and well, you get a pretty nice fella. Lucky sumbitch. Congrats from all of here at the DDC.

- - - -

Some nice work here. Met Becky and her main man on Saturday night with Godfrey. Drank some earthy beer, shot the shit about design, rock music and that Midwest and met people I’ll prob’ly never see again. Pretty good.

- - - -

Eric “Madras Mean Streets” Samsel
stopped by over the weekend to purchase a shirt. He brought me some sausages for the grill! I was really excited about this transaction until I realized I didn’t have a grill. Nevertheless, Eric Samsel is a proud family man with a new bambino, a wonder-full wife by his side and great momentum with his copywritin’ gig downtown at the big Wieden+Kennedy. (Soli, Dean, meet this guy, will ya?) He’s been good to us for over a decade. Indeed.

- - - -

Listening to lots of Prince the last couple days. Sounds really purple.

- - - -

Gary gets but a morsel of press…(check photo and credit…)

- - - -

Be like Samsel and buy a shirt. You need one.

There Are 2 Comments

Dang. I knew the Barbecutionerā„¢ was a guest appearance, but I though at least a hibachi might have taken up residence at the ranch.

People, buy some shirts. This hard-workin’ man needs a Smokey Joe, stat.

In the meantime, here’s a microwaveable sausage and macaroni dish that looks like it would make Julia Child spin in her grave. Perfect.

And I can attest to the above-par quality of a good chunk of the merch items. The shirt is proving to be highly resistant to body odor and the Good Wood pencil behind your ear actually makes you better looking.

Posted by: eric on 06/07/06 at 7:15 AM

For Eric: This ‘polack’ thinks Claire is the most beautiful baby I’ve seen in a long time…..I really want to know who the true father is….

Posted by: daddy d. on 06/07/06 at 12:56 PM
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