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Draplin Design Co., North America


You think you got it bad? Well, think again, cuz after reading this list things might get a little darker. This is what we accomplished Tuesday, all day:

(Certain client names are “X’ed” out, purely due to persnickety client confidentiality stuff. You know the deal.) -DDC

01. “Point-of-Purchase” box design comp sent of to the Union Binding Company in Italy.
02. Scott Sullivan “Crushwater Symphony” files put to rest.
03. Called Comcast and got the HDTV shit rolling. “High Def, man.”
04. Took Gary for a brisk four block walk.
05. Transferred files off the hard drive sent up from down south.
06. Made progress on XXXX’s wholesale catalog.
07. Made progress on XXXXXXXXXX’s logo revamp.
08. Made progress on XXXX’s product graphics.
09. Sent a big fat invoice off to Rose for the XXXXXXXXX project.
10. Called “best Buy” and got to the bottom of some shit.
11. Paid the Health Insurance.
12. paid the HELOC payment.
13. Paid the mortgage on the DDC Factory Floor.
14. Realized BIg S is “paid off.” Wow. Five years later…who woulda thought?
15. Played six Flaming Lips songs on the drums. Fumbled many times.
16. Got a jump on the laundry. Real gross.
17. Shipped some merch.
18. Cashed a check.
19. Sent off a comp for the XXX XXXXXX’s dvd cover.
20. Had a good chat with Matt Kass, way over in Taipei, Taiwan.
21. Made progress on a set of icons for XXXXX.
22. Sent off another ad comp to XXXX.
23. Made a quartely payment to Uncle Sam. Still cussin’ that one out.
24. Had lunch with Lovejoy.
25. Sent the Digi Elph SD450 back. Fingers are crossed.
26. Hung a couple new posters from those Aesthetic Apparatus guys.
27. Read a couple Field-Tested entries over at Coudal.
28. Took Gary out to piss/shit about eight times.
29. Scoped a paper sample for an upcoming XXXXX XXXXX’s project.
30. Watched another episode of Deadwood.
31. Took a shower.
32. Took a good, healthy, cosmic steam.
33. Got the upstairs tv up and running for late night snoozfest tube.
34. Watched some soccer. Brazil or something.
35. Watched the closing minutes of the Dallas/Miami game. So good.
36. Caught the season finale of The Deadliest Catch.
37. Played some guitar.
38. Took a tepid shower.
39. Got some framed stuff ready to be hung on the orange wall.
40. Listened to the likes of Wilco Greenhornes, Twilight Singers, Van Halen, Zero 7, Tortoise, Loose Fur, Meat Puppets, Twin Atlas, Josh Rouse, Jesse Sykes, Waylon Jennings, Idaho, X, Norfolk & Western and a couple tracks from Songs:Ohia.

- - - -

Don’t buy a shirt from us today. Nope. Instead, go help designer Joe Kral out. He got in a bit of a pickle a month back with some kidney trouble, spent a week in the hospital getting back up to snuff, and left the joint $50,000 in the hole. Joe didn’t have insurance.

Please donate some hard-earned loot towards an amazing designer in a hell of a pinch. A little goes a long way. All proceeds from the DDC Merch sales today will go towards getting Joe “out of the red.” Help a brother out.

So wait, scratch the first statement of this morsel. Buy a shirt and help Joe.

There Are 5 Comments

Fuck that’s some time spent! I definitely thought my schedule was whack… but not after reading this.

Posted by: Justin Kropp on 06/15/06 at 8:08 AM

Hey dickhead I’ve been busy and I just got time to read your May 18th post. Thanks for the shout and I’ll always be proud to hammer your fucking anvil.

And the price for a shirt sent to Singapore? I’m planning on sweating in it for a week and then sending it back. When are you visiting? I’ll fix up the maid’s room for ya.

Posted by: Hammertime on 06/15/06 at 11:57 PM

That’s what I like to see. Where’s my list template?

Love your work. Call up. Let’s hang. Jose Gonzalez on Sunday. You know his stuff? You will like it.

Posted by: Coulter on 06/16/06 at 10:10 PM

sounds like you need help!…..Designer, snowboarder, music enthusiast………. (listening not playing) love your work

Posted by: mark Beresniewicz on 06/19/06 at 11:51 AM

Si, just mailed my quarterly “Spreading Democracy” payment as well.

Posted by: Halfzinger on 06/19/06 at 1:43 PM
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