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Draplin Design Co., North America


Here’s an outtake from the Coal headwear photoshoot over the weekend. Embry absolutely slayed the beast, and, in between the serious, heavily art-directed shots, snapped a couple throwaways just about right for the DDC Image Archives.

The image above is proudly titled, “Aaron presents Gary’s profile to all who might wonder about his length.” Photo by Embry Rucker.

- - - -

We sell stuff. To people. They are proud. They share the happiness of their DDC purchases here.

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Old tool catalogs. Dig around. Some gems to be found.

- - - -

Lovejoy got me going on some wacky Roger Miller stuff, just after supper last night.

From “Chug-A-Lug”:
“Jukebox and sawdust floor somethin’ like I ain’t never seen
And I’m just goin’ on fifteen
But with the help of my faneglin’ Uncle I get snuck in for my first taste of sin
I said lemme have a big ol’ sip brrr I done a double black flip
Chug-a-lug chug-a-lug…”

- - - -

Settled a new TV. Real sleek and bright and beautiful. Carefully considered “Impulse Buy.” One of those flat screen deals, that might end up on a wall at some point. Wow. Very, very nice, have the late nights been, relaxing with a movie on the big screen.

This ad, commercial and little sitelet sure didn’t hurt our decision-making process.

- - - -

Worked for part of the day yesterday on a project for Evan Rose.

No, wait, stop. Let’s put it this way: “Yesterday, Evan Rose was lucky enough to get some of my time for one of his projects.” Sounds better, considering the client in question.

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