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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 01, 2006
Posted at 05:25 PM


SPOTTED: From the latest issue of Transworld Business, a list of what the DDC is currently reading.

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Matt Kass is in Switzerland tonight seeing Dinosaur Jr.

The Freak Scene “music video” from 1998. The best.

One of my all-time Dino faves: “Let It Ride” (Turn it way up. Crummy quality, but, great.)

Waste some time here, you slacker.

- - - -

Gary likes grapes: I tossed him one and the little man didn’t know if the green sphere was a toy or treat. After some roughhousing, he chomped the thing and had a little snack. Really.

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These are pretty cool. New icon thingies from Rian Hughes/Device, brought to you by Chicago’s T26.

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Go Pistons!

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had lunch with gumby today and he spoke very very highly of you and your organization… i feel your a major force in this little tiny industry, plus your a great friend and fellow designer… carharts are US.

Posted by: styk on 06/01/06 at 9:14 PM

Mia likes ice cubes!!!! It’s great, keeps her occupied, but she likes to play them against my leg while we’re sitting on the couch! Brrrr

I heard that grapes are not good for dogs - check into it before giving him more

Have 2 people coming to look at my jalopy this weekend…

Posted by: Sarah on 06/02/06 at 5:08 AM

RE: Gary and the grapes…..

Be careful, a recent study revealed that grapes are not good for little canines.

The obvious: Choking on the little treats…..really….. if you do give him one or two grapes, watch that he eats them (although I think you would notice if he were choking)…

Not so obvious: When eaten in larger quantities, there is a toxin in grapes and raisins that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and in some cases, kidney failure within 24 hours.

The key word is LARGE quantities, especially in LITTLE dogs, if a whole bunch of grapes is ingested and he shows some negative signs, get him to the vet.

A few good grapes once in a while won’t hurt him.

Posted by: momma d. on 06/02/06 at 7:31 AM

Gary, go easy on the grapes…apparently not good dogs. Not that you think you’re a dog or anything. Ditto on raisins. Bad shit for the 4-leggers.

Posted by: flanksteak on 06/02/06 at 3:16 PM

funny, tucker loves grapes too! watch out though, we found out they can actually be dangerous to the little guys:

“as few as 7 raisins or grapes can be toxic”

Posted by: jason on 06/02/06 at 7:58 PM

Congrats on the TWS press, always good for business. Some good reads too. Trying to keep up with you is hard work indeed, but we’re doing our best over here at trapset, check out the column.
real good.

Posted by: Aaron on 06/06/06 at 11:02 AM
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